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Automation USA named Claris-Partners Connect

Miami, FL  March 3, 2020 

Automation USA is proud to announce that we have earned the Claris Partners-Connect designation. This new recognition demonstrates Automation USA's ongoing commitment to support the Claris International Workplace Innovation Platform and the confidence Claris places on partners like us to provide excellent customer service.

Claris Connect is a cloud-based platform allowing anyone to easily stitch together multiple apps to create entire digital workflows without having to write complex code.

In simple terms, Claris Connect is a platform for building and deploying software integrations between cloud apps, FileMaker custom apps, and many other on-premise and cloud-based applications.

By automating manual procedures and integrating them with digital counterparts, organizations of all sizes are able to streamline disjointed workplace processes. Claris Connect is simple to use, yet powerful enough for advanced developers and partners like us to customize and enhance.

Claris Connect is an ideal companion to Claris FileMaker, allowing FileMaker developers to create truly powerful customized workplace solutions that easily integrate with many existing cloud and on-premise applications.

As a Claris Partners-Connect, Automation USA has decades of expertise building custom FileMaker integrations such as RC2FM Connector, connecting RingCentral's Unified Communications Platform with any Claris FileMaker custom app. As an experienced IT professional and certified FileMaker developer and instructor, Julio Toledo of Automation USA has had advanced exposure to, preparation, and training on the new Claris Connect offering. 

About Automation USA

Established in Miami in 2006, Automation USA is an IT Consultancy specializing in B2B app development, Unified Communications, Cloud hosting, and Internet of Things (iOT).

We automate business processes to make organizations more productive. We tackle the projects smaller businesses need but can't do for themselves, and those which overburdened IT departments in larger organizations can't accomplish quickly or economically enough.

With over 20 years experience in development and general IT, we've deployed offline, synced, and Cloud-hosted applications on mobile, desktop, and Web. Our technology solutions are as elegant as they are powerful. They are easy to implement, easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to afford.

Our team brings to the table a diverse cultural, professional, and linguistic background. We are certified in a number of IT disciplines, including hardware, software, telecommunications, and network infrastructure. We speak English, Spanish, Italian, and the most crucial dialect in our industry: Digital.


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