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9100 S Dadeland Blvd Suite 1500, Miami FL 33156

Powerful tools to save you time and money.

Our products and services are selected and designed to save your business time and money. We understand business demands are high, spare time is scarce, and money doesn't grow on trees. So while our heads may often be in "the Cloud", our feet remain firmly planted on solid ground.

Welcome to the New IT.

Now open to Business.

Automation USA is all about the New IT.  Less about control and more about empowerment. Less about "managed services" and more about self-sufficiency. Less about us and more about you.


We automate business processes to make you more productive. Our specialty is leveling the competitive playing field by putting powerful, corporate-level technology into the hands of the Small-to-Mid-Size Business for a fraction of the cost. We architect business technology solutions that are easy to implement, easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to afford.

Our philosophy is simple: if your business is dependent on us for its day-to-day technology needs, then we haven't done our job. We want to be depended upon, not depended of


IT is not about empowering us, it's about empowering  you. It's about giving businesses the choice to be technology drivers, technology passengers, or any combination in between.


And it's about time.

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In Europe call: +44 (20) 3874-1368 [London, Newcastle]
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