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High Quality Security Cameras

High Quality Security Cameras

Motorized IP Cameras with HD picture quality and night vision capabilities.

Dramatization, not actual camera footage.

Keep a close eye on things, wherever you are.

Building a successful business takes hard work and perseverance – keeping an eye on that business is easy with the help of our high quality IP Security Cameras. We offer camera solutions for every business need and will sumarize the differences between one system and another and what it means for you.  


Not all surveilance systems are the same. The right technology can be the difference in identifying faces and license plate numbers or just watching a blur. Video at 30 frames per second is the difference between watching smooth motion or a jittery movie that keeps skipping a beat. As an IT company with decades of IP and Digital Imaging experience, we don't have a vested interest in pushing outdated analog cameras that just don't cut it anymore.


Surveilance equipment has become a frustrating maze of technology jargon that takes most businesses a great deal of time and effort to research. "MPX", "HDIP", "HDR", "NVR", "PTZ", "WDR", we understand that Digital language. Let us take the hassle and complexity of configuring the right solution off your plate, so you can focus on what matters most: making informed business decisions.


Automation USA offers camera systems that provide image quality worthy of an HDTV. Ideal for business security, our cameras capture a remarkable level of detail, with crisp, clear HD video in all lighting conditions.


How crisp? Take a look at this actual 1080p camera capture and judge for yourself.

1080P HD Digital IP Camera Snapshot
See in pitch dark, even through obstacles
FLIR infrared Digital IP Camera senses thermal signatures

Thermal imaging infrared cameras are now both available and affordable for use in video security. Thermal cameras give you the power to see the one thing intruders can’t disguise – their body heat.


Thermal security cameras can see as well at night as they can during the day. Featuring a highly sophisticated analytics system, high contrast thermal imaging helps reduce the likelihood of false alarms as the motion detection is only triggered by moving heat sources.


Conditions like smoke, heavy fog, rain, or even modest foliage will not interfere with these cameras. The perfect compliment to our Digital IP Camera Systems, thermal cameras provide an undeniable advantage around the clock.

FLIR tcx digital IP camera
FLIR tcx infrared Digital IP Camera detects body heat, high contrast sees in pitch dark as well in full light

If your business requires it, you can take your surveillance monitoring to the next level with any of our HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom weatherproof outdoor cameras. Featuring up to 12X Optical Zoom and 16X Digital Zoom, you can view small and distant objects in incredible detail. Fast 300° per second panning speed, 200° per second tilt speed, and continuous 360° rotation allows you to quickly position and focus on different objects in a scene.

HD PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) digital IP camera can zoom in to 1200% optically, pan at 300 degrees per second, tilt at 200 degrees per second, and rotate 360 degrees
Extraordinary capabilities
Lots of room for growth

Need to store your HD recordings for longer? Our NVRs can be upgraded to as much as 16TB of online storage capacity using security grade hard drives. That's enough to store weeks of around the clock video for as many as 16 HD cameras. Need more cameras? We can array multiple systems to suit your needs. And all that footage (and live monitoring) is available at any time from your computer or mobile device.

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