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Business Asset Automation

Business Asset Automation

Stay in control of all your workspace environments.

Put your routine chores on remote auto-pilot.

The "Internet of Things" has arrived and with it comes an unprecedented level of business monitoring and remote automation. We offer Business Automation systems that allow you to take complete remote-control of your business environment including the opening and closing chores of all your business locations, no matter how far apart they may be.


For example, you can manage energy and security settings, make sure that lights turn on at the right time and turn off when business is closed, monitor the ambient music selection, and adjust the temperature on the thermostat. Want to open or close the shades? You can do that too. All from the comfort of your internet connected device. Got a water heater? Get alerted if there is a leak before it ends up shutting your business down. And you can even put the whole thing on auto-pilot if you wish.


Freedom of choice

While others lock you into their systems, we don’t. You can automate and control over 1,400 different types of devices from dozens of brands, and install more than 200 devices per business location. There are no monthly fees, no electricians, no hidden fees, and no hassle. Automation USA installs and configures everything and trains you and your staff. It's easy, it's affordable, and it can save you a bundle.

Freedom of distance

Using the internet and a control panel accessible using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, our systems let you see and manage just about anything in your business, from anywhere in the world.  

And with the new AppleWatch® enabled iOS app, you can extend that functionality to the comfort of your wrist.

Freedom of cost

While most other automation systems have a monthly service fee, our system has zero recurring fees. All you need is an internet connection and you can automate your business, contract free.


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