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Located in Miami "the Magic City"

Located in Miami "the Magic City"

Gateway to Latin America, the Caribbean, and among the largest Internet exchange points in the world.


We speak Digital.

And we mean business.

Formed in Miami, crossroad of the Americas, and poised on the cutting edge of a technological revolution, our team brings to the table a diverse cultural, professional, and linguistic background. We speak English, Spanish, Italian, and the most crucial dialect in our industry: Digital.

Our consultants specialize in technical jargon translation: acronyms like "PTZ", "MDM", "AWS", "WDR","ERD", "PoE",  "API", "iOT". We live and breathe that language, and know how to boil it down to what it means for your business and how it applies (or doesn't) to your specific needs and goals. That's why our clients often refer to us as "the Digital Gurus".

We not only talk the talk, we also walk the walk. Our team members average 15+ years of IT experience. We are certified in a number of IT disciplines, including hardware, software, telecommunications, and network infrastructure.

CompTIA Network+ Certified, Network Plus Technicians in Miami, FL
Claris FileMaker Certified Developers in Miami and South Florida, FileMaker 18-12 certified, FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member
RingCentral Certified Communications Experts, Authjorized RingCentral Reseller in Miami and South Florida, RingCentral Partner

We're enablers, and proud of it. We enable productivity, we enable mobility, we enable self-sufficiency, we enable success. Our New IT approach is to be removers of obstacles, not creators of obstacles. Whatever your business objectives, we apply our skills to put you in charge of your technology tools. We are always there to support, enhance, and if you choose — manage and maintain.

Technology is always an investment no matter the budget. We apply the same sound judgement and the same systematic approach to your technology investment as we do to our own.

adjective – done or acting according to a plan or system; methodical, structured, organized, orderly, planned, regular, standardized; logical, coherent, consistent; businesslike, efficient, practical

Technology partners

MARCH 3, 2020 – Claris Partners-Connect

Automation USA LLC is among the first partners ready to support the exciting new workflow automation technology Claris Connect, earning us the Claris Partners-Connect designation..

Claris Partners ready to support Claris Connect


AUGUST 7, 2018 – FileMaker DevCon Sponsors

Automation USA LLC is proud to be an Emerald Level sponsor of the 2018 FileMaker DevCon at the Gaylord Hotel in Irving Texas.

FileMaker Developer Conference 2018 | Sponsors | August 6-9|

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017 – VoyageMIA magazine

It's been said there's no such thing as bad publicity. One may beg to differ, but when it's good, it's good. Here is an interview from VoyageMIA for their "Miami's most inspiring stories" section:

Meet Julio Toledo from Automation USA in Brickell

JULY 18, 2016 – RC2FM Connector Press Release

Automation USA LLC announces the release of its Cloud telephony integration service, RC2FM Connector.

This subscription service easily infuses any FileMaker custom app with the power of RingCentral, a world-class Cloud business communications provider.  

Read our press release on

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