Run your business your way. On your own Apps.

To remain competitive in today’s environment your business needs custom tailored applications that enable you to run your business your way, while becoming more efficient, more mobile, and cloud-centric. 


For the many instances in which "there’s no app for that" Automation USA develops and deploys branded, custom-made software for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the Web that meet the unique needs of small and mid-size businesses. 


Whether you need to run sales, manage customer relationships [CRM], track assets [Inventory], run operations [ERP], or are looking to offer a free app for your customers, we typically deliver on your project in 30-90 days, not months or years. And on budget.


Your app won't become obsolete the minute it's delivered. Our development platforms have the legs they need to grow and adapt to your changing needs.


Integrate with the 'REST' of the Web

We recognize no custom app is an island, and businesses need to exchange data with other Cloud services and applications. We specialize in building integrations using the latest Web APIs, so you can connect your app with the Web services that you use.


For example, RC2FM Connector is our own integration written to enable custom apps developed in FileMaker® to interact with RingCentral's Cloud Communications platform to place outbound VoIP calls, send and receive SMS/MMS text messages, e-faxes, and download all voicemails, call recordings and call history.

To illustrate how Cloud services can be integrated intone custom app, we created RC2FM Contacts, a free iOS app.  Just like with RingCentral, your own custom business software can exchange information across the internet with everything from DropBox, to MailChimp, to FaceBook, to Google, to WordPress, to Lyft, to literally tens of thousands of other web services. Our developers have extensive experience working with RESTful APIs and can architect an integrated solution to fit your workflow needs.

Gone are the days of manual user-to-device assignment. Whether your business uses ten mobile devices or ten thousand, whether they are all in one place or spread across the world, you can provision, distribute, monitor, and secure your data and applications from the comfort of your own desk. 


Automation USA architects and deploys Mobile Device Management solutions to automate the process of configuring, updating, and securing tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops for all of your business locations.


Installing and updating apps, and keeping things secure has never been easier or more affordable. Let us offer the right solution for you.

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