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FileMaker 15 is here!

New FileMaker Pro 15 includes more automation and integration tools to quickly build powerful custom apps for your business.



Fast on the heels of FileMaker 14 (released in May 2015) FileMaker Inc. has just announced the release of FileMaker 15, making good on its stated goal to pick up the pace of enhancements to the platform. The new version is packed with a slew of new features and stronger essentials in the areas of Mobility, Security, Performance, Automation and Integration.

A brand new (iOS) world

Top new features that are sure to please the advanced developer include iBeacon support in Filemaker Go 15 for iOS – which allows the display of relevant, location-based information on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch– and also support for iOS app extensions for content customization and cloud-based file sharing.

Rounding out the new feature set for iOS are support for Touch ID, to securely access password protected custom apps with the touch of a finger, and 3D Touch support​, for directly launching recent files and accessing the Launch Center on 3D Touch-enabled devices.

A more secure, more inclusive (WebDirect) world

The new FileMaker 15 Server has also been packed with some significant new upgrades. For starters, mobile web browsers are now supported for accessing your hosted custom apps via WebDirect. This means FileMaker should now be truly capable of supporting "other" mobile platforms.

The new FileMaker 15 Server also includes new proactive security enhancements – such the ability for Administrators to prevent the server from hosting apps that aren’t password protected. Along the same lines, support for additional SSL certificate types and for SSL certificate signing request forms offer greater manageability and robustness.

A more connected (developer) world

Last but not least, the FIleMaker 15 upgrade brings with it a number of developer-focused enhancements. Top of the list is probably a multiple-undo stack for the Script Workspace, allowing developers to undo and redo their work as many times as needed.

The desktop and server apps also now offer support for connecting to more external SQL data sources, most notably PostgreSQL, and also IBM's DB2. The new product Help documentation has all moved to the web, where FileMaker Inc. can more easily and readily update it and product software updates can now be delivered directly from within FileMaker Pro/Advanced.

A promising new world

All in all, FileMaker 15 is a very welcome and impressive new release, delivered in a very short time span since FileMaker's prior release. We look forward with great enthusiasm to the next release, as we expect FileMaker Inc. to continue this new pace of pumping out a new version about every 12 months.

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