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Announcing RC2FM: Let FileMaker "Ring"!

INTRODUCING RC2FM: The RingCentral to FileMaker Connector

Automation USA announces RC2FM Connector, the RingCentral to FileMaker connector service that enables Cloud Telephony Integration (CTI) for all FileMaker custom apps and is 100% FileMaker Cloud compatible. More info at

Just in time for FileMaker's 2016 Developer's conference, Automation USA is proud to announce the release of our new Cloud telephony integration service, RC2FM Connector: the RingCentral Office to FileMaker® connector. It may not be as big as a deal as Pokémon Go, but we are pretty excited about it!

What RC2FM is:

Engineered by FileMaker developers for FileMaker developers, RC2FM Connector is a subscription web service that allows developers to connect any FileMaker custom app (versions 13 and up) to any RingCentral Office® telephone extension. This enables any FileMaker Pro, Go, and Web Direct custom app to instantly gain powerful IP business communications functionality.

RingCentral® (Nasdaq: RNG) is a world-class provider of Unified Cloud Communications as a Service (UCaaS), offering businesses originating in three major markets (US, Canda, and the UK) the ability to unify their business communications deployment worldwide. RingCentral's PBX service offers best of class VoIP calling, SMS, and Digital Faxing.

What RC2FM does:

RC2FM Connector enables long-awaited integration between FileMaker and RingCentral's core VoIP communications service (PBX). Using your RingCentral telephone extension, RC2FM Connector makes the following features possible in FileMaker:

• Click/Tap to dial any phone number stored in FileMaker.

• Send outbound calls to any endpoint (your cell phone, home phone, or extension).

• Send/receive SMS to/from any contact stored in FileMaker in near real time.

• Send/receive Faxes directly from FileMaker containers or from your device's file system.

• Download call log and message log history and store them as FileMaker records.

• Download voicemails and store them as MP3's in FileMaker containers.

• Download call recordings and store them as MP3's in FileMaker containers.

• Download sent/received Faxes and store them as PDFs in FileMaker containers.

• Set the “Read” status of unread SMS, voicemails, and fax messages.

• Trigger scripts in your FileMaker custom app on incoming calls (Pro/Advanced only).*

*Requires RingCentral Desktop app

Use cases:

The possibilities for automation and integration opened up by RC2FM Connector are many. Out the box integration with FileMaker CMS and CRM applications; SMS apps, 2-factor authentication via SMS; Call Center-like functionality; data warehousing of SMS, call recordings, voicemails and faxes. We think RingCentral integration is a huge deal and can't wait to see what creative applications FileMaker developers will find for this technology.

How it works:

RC2FM Connector acts as a gateway to shuttle data between FileMaker and RingCentral. No transmitted data is ever stored on our servers, and all communication is encrypted via SSL. The FileMaker side of the integration is achieved by use of native FileMaker scripts that call our AWS servers using the "Insert From URL" and "Set Web Viewer" script steps.


RC2FM Connector offers bolt-on integration without using plugins, Custom Web Publishing, separate connector files, or complex configurations. This allows us to support both local and hosted apps on all FileMaker platforms (Pro, Go, and WebDirect). Simply paste tables, scripts and layout objects from our demo file into your FileMaker custom app and type in the necessary RingCentral credentials.

RC2FM provides the connectivity, and FileMaker developers are free to customize their apps' UI to achieve the desired look and feel. We simply ask that you display RingCentral's logo prominently in any interface where connectivity is provided.

Here are some samples from our demo app,

illustrating what your app can look like:


The only requirements for use are: internet connectivity, an active RingCentral® subscription, and an active RC2FM Connector subscription.

The only requirements for RC2FM subscription activation are: a valid credit card, your RingCentral account ID (not a phone number), and acceptance of our terms of service.

What RCFM runs on:

RC2FM Connector is 100% buzzword compliant. Our web service leverages RingCentral's REST APIs to provide the back-end connectivity, and is hosted on multiple load-balanced AWS ec2 instances that auto-scale to handle traffic spikes.

RC2FM Connector is deployed in the Cloud across several AWS regions worldwide. Using latency based DNS, we are able to offer a very responsive and highly available class of service for most FileMaker users. Finally, all communication is encrypted by 2048-Bit SSL.

Pricing and Availability:

RC2FM Connector activations will be available to all RingCentral Office® subscribers starting Tuesday July 19, 2016. For more information on rates, visit

Automation USA will be exhibiting at the annual FileMaker Developer's Conference in Las Vegas from Tuesday July 19, 2016 thru Thursday July 21, 2016

Come see us at DevCon:

If you are attending this year's FileMaker Developer's ConferenceThe Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, we will be at the "Gracia" Ballroom, booth 123, demoing this service and answering questions.

We will also be holding a vendor session on Thursday, July 21, 2016 in "Nolita 2" at 3:45 PM where we will be discussing this technology in greater detail.

More details:

RC2FM Connector documentation is forthcoming and will be published to our RC2FM site next week. Visit for more details on RC2FM Connector and stay tuned for more!

RC2FM is Cloud centric and compatible with FIleMaker Cloud




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